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Want to be memorable? Go against the grain. Spend the money you would spend on a tradeshow to get in front of clients you already have and do something unique and outrageous.

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Host an event at your local MLB ballpark so you can invite all your clients and their kids to take batting practice, get autographed jerseys, and have a professional photographer there to print and frame the lasting memories being created. We all have travel and entertainment budgets.

5 ways to become the best present-giver this Christmas |

Cut 10 percent of what you spend on those lunches and dinners each year that are forgotten within days add it up, it will make you sick and invest that money in something that leverages long-term frequency. What does that look like? We send out a custom-engraved set of Cutco knives to every client and prospect the first week in November before the insanity of the holidays when everyone sends gifts. The ripple effect is amazing. We add more pieces every year and what's amazing is that they will use those tools every day for the next 20 years.

5 ways to become the best present-giver ever this Christmas

You become a part of every family gathering and memory. The cost per impression is insanely low because of the frequency. Always follow the frequency. As Seth Godin taught all of us years ago, a purple cow stands out because it's different and unique.

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The Queen is said to have beamed with delight. Mr Trump is said to have wanted to upgrade from pewter and give the Queen a real racehorse to mark his visit this year. And therein lies another potentially awkward trap.

How much is too much? In , Barack Obama made a famous mis-step when he gave the Queen an iPod filled with pictures from his inauguration that January, as well as clips of his own speeches.

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The gift was, understandably, deemed tacky. The Queen tends to leave her present-picking to a team of experts but will always have the final say. His advice on how to recover, for any of us who might find ourselves in a sticky situation? Gift horses seem to be a theme.

An etiquette minefield

Prime Minister John Major was presented with a photograph of a pure-bred Akhal-Teke stallion that he was to be given by the President of Turkmenistan for his 50th birthday. The only issue was that the horse was in Turkmenistan and the UK was expected to collect it. What followed was a tale of bandits and bureaucracy as British diplomats battled to get the horse into the UK.

But when it comes to exchanging presents with friends, Mortelmans says that act of giving inevitably creates a debt. Because they receive something and they cannot give back so they need to compensate with other services being corrupt. Gift giving may not share the same negative intentions as bribery but, ultimately, both acts are equally selfish. Skip to navigation Skip to content.