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Nameless One

This can't be the case with the Tolkien Legendarium. Why not? You are referencing other works that have nothing to do with Tolkien's, where this name seems to imply a trickster God rather than an evil one, but even in Arda there was a "supreme evil" God that could easily be acknowledged as "Nameless One": Morgoth. Sekhemty Haven't thought of that!

Edlothiad I disagree with it being a duplicate: The list never goes on and explains the origins of any of the names. Are you implying that the Nameless one in all these works is the same character?

No, I am not. I am implying that he is based on similar ideas, banishment of name, antagonist of other gods, yet vital for the world to function as such in multiple works.

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It's not the same character, but they share many common treats. And it is a well known fact that Tolkien has influenced and founded the Fantasy genre. They are referring to Sauron Sauron has a great many names. In the Hobbit, Sauron is referred to as The Necromancer. Tim Tim 4, 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges.

Michael T. Weiss: The Nameless One

I'd like to see more evidence that using Sauron's name attracts his attention. But all nicknames have a reason and a small element of truth. Why was he called the Nameless One? Narusan I don't know why Gondor chose that particular name for him. It could be a form of deliberate dishonour, or some ancient custom.

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There doesn't seem to be a particular reason. I'd believe it if you told me that Gondor believed his name had that power, but I'd still want you to prove it. JasonBaker Fair point. I had that idea in my mind for some reason, but I can't find anything to support it. Dan Biggar cleared to start for Wales against Fiji England sweating over the fitness of Billy Vunipola Hoteliers, restaurateurs call for restoration of Vat relief in budget Irish Times News.

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