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But now a looming building inspection threatens to destroy her dreams of creating a stable home for her adopted children. Luke is her last hope.

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As he and Sarah work together to whip the ranch back in shape, sparks fly and passion ignites—and both of them learn the true meaning of home. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

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Her dream of becoming a romance author came true when Loveswept published her first book, Meltdown, featuring an intelligent, wisecracking computer named Einstein. Three more Einstein books followed, along with several other contemporary and historical novels. So Juliana is utterly shocked when she recognizes the pale blue eyes of the man who betrayed her trust and broke her spirit. Connor Reed cannot allow any lingering feelings of tenderness for Juliana to interfere with his carefully orchestrated mission. He may have hurt her long ago, but the Archangel is more important than any petty squabble.

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Now Connor must stop her from revealing his identity, even if it means silencing Juliana with seduction—and reviving an affair that once consumed him heart and soul. Keep Reading. Under the Cover An excerpt from Midnight Mistress. Cathedral bells all over the City, from St. The palace Horse Guards paraded in front of Pall Mall, while mummers and mountebanks gave free shows for the children in Hyde Park.

Earlier that morning, several hot air balloons had risen into the clear dawn skies, the impressive but impractical inventions of the last century delighting and astounding the celebrating throng. All in all, it was a glorious day, and the cold, crisp winter day rang with the sounds of celebration. And why not? There was much to celebrate. The unpleasantness with the Colonies in America was over and done with. The war with France continued, but with the anticipated surrender of Malta, and the recent signing of Russo-Turk alliance, the devil Napoleon was at least temporarily at bay.

go here Advances in medicine and social hygiene were reducing the City death rate from disease from one person in twenty to half that figure. But most impressive of all was the fact that the glorious British Empire stretched across the entire world, from India, to Australia, to the West Indies.

And almost every ounce of cargo that came from the mighty empire, whether it was rum from the Indies, gold from Africa, jade from the Orient, or stone obelisks from the desert graves of Egypt, was brought in through the immense and sprawling network of piers, roads, tunnels and warehouses known as the London docks at Wapping, one of the largest ports in the world. Yes, there was much to celebrate, and on this day of days everyone in the City, from the most pampered lord down to the most low-born chimney sweep, put away their quizzing-glasses, riding crops, mops, brooms, and shovels and joined in the revelry.

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Everyone—save one. Her father owned many ships, along with a number of profitable estates and holdings, for the marquis of Albany was a rich and powerful man. What Albany failed to realize was that Grenville had never cared much for his parents and was only marginally put out by their loss. Being saddled with a mewling baby in the midst of all this merriment was more than Rollo could handle. He looked at his silver pocket watch and determined that Albany would not be back from his business meeting for another three-quarter hour.

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And the buxom tavern wench who was throwing glances his way did not look as if she was prepared to wait that long. Right here, mind you. Wait here. Her world was just as cold and empty with him as it was without him. But now her mother was gone, and the thought of taking an adventure without her only made the loss more painful.

The speaker was a wharf rat—one of the orphaned children who lived off the scraps and leavings on the docks. She guessed he was twelve or thirteen, though it was hard to tell from his filthy clothes and half-starved appearance. Yet despite his deplorable state he held his head high, and his striking sky blue eyes met hers without a hint of uncertainty. A strange vulnerability shook his confident expression.