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My first reaction is to say, How the heck do I know? The truth is, I suppose, that it differs from others because it is written by ME, Kathleen Creighton. Make sense? Why do I write what I do? I love to read mysteries, but I lack the kind of mind it takes to come up with intricate and complex plots.

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However, I have always had a great deal of empathy and insight into what makes people tick, and the complexities of developing relationships intrigue me greatly. I consider the suspense of watching two people begin at places far apart from each other, then move gradually, slowly, with great difficulty closer and closer together…well, for me, that is the best mystery of all.

And, to be honest, I write contemporary fiction because I am simply too lazy to do the vast amounts of research required to write historicals.

For the same reason, I also tend to write about places and lifestyles with which I am familiar. We arrived in Denver, Colorado, late in the afternoon, with the skies darkening and snow predicted for the Rockies that lay ahead of us to the west.

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We had dinner, then decided to turn south to avoid the storm. The blizzard had engulfed all of western Colorado, including I south out of Denver. I soon lost sight of my husband and the big yellow Ryder truck, and struggled to follow as best I could with visibility decreasing by the minute.

Somewhere on the way down that hill, my car began to slide. Down that hill. And then I did it. The result was predictable: The Ltd. So, there I was, with two little girls, in a blinding blizzard, a foot or so of snow on the ground and more than that on the roadsides.

Way up at the top of the bank, through a barbed wire fence, were the lights of a service station. Between that oasis of safety and me and the girls was an on-ramp and a steady stream of huge big rigs churning down onto the interstate. I could see them looking down at us as they went by, laughing at the stupid 4-wheeler driver stuck in the ditch. Cars were going every which way, slamming into each other, out of control.

I knew it was only a matter of time before one of them slammed into US. Somehow, I had to get my little girls out of that car!


But how? Then…I looked up that hill and saw the angel. He was on foot, slipping and sliding down that hill, dodging the crazy bumper-car traffic, making his was toward us. He was a hippy.

The Sorcerer

We spent the night there, unable to contact my husband and oldest daughter, who had made it to our destined hotel farther down the interstate and had no idea what had happened to us. This is what life was like before cell phones. My girls still remember the foot tall mounted Kodiak bear in the hotel lobby.

The next day we got the Ltd. Equipped with snow tires,, we proceeded on our way.

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The snow disappeared about ten miles down the interstate, and the snow tires were never used again. It has been an tumultuous few months, full of sadness and unexpected joy. I think every book an author write is special to me.

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Sorcerer: A Loveswept Classic Romance

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