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The suspects were identified as Diamond Lewis, 15; Roniyah McKnight, 14; Decorrius Wright, 16; as well as the year-old and a year-old boy whose names were withheld because of their ages. Prosecutors plan to charge them as adults, the Nashville Tennessean reported. Cops had been out searching for the year-old, who had run away from home, since Thursday morning, the newspaper said. The mortally injured musician made his way into his house, where he was found by a roommate about an hour later.

The killers were captured at a Nashville Walmart, where cops also found one of them carrying a stolen loaded pistol. The young killers were well armed — they had been stealing guns from vehicles for months, cops said.

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Read Next. Furious piano buyers claim they were duped out of thousand This story has been shared 79, times. While Iggy climbed through the audience, a chair slipped from underneath him and he sent a table of glasses shattering against the floor. Iggy landed atop them and emerged sliced and stabbed, but kept performing. Despite attempts to stop the show, Iggy jerked his body in a way that caused blood to spurt at the audience.

Attempts to seal the wound with gaffer tape failed, and longtime Detroit buddy Alice Cooper rushed Iggy to the emergency room. Debates have raged for years over whether the injury was accidental or self-inflicted. It was a hot summer day in St. Clair Lake, Michigan, and Iggy and his band devoured a watermelon backstage. Then, clad in a pair of fancy black London undies, he raced onstage as the band began "Raw Power" and excitedly lobbed what remained of the melon into the crowd.

But Iggy wasn't done throwing crap off the stage.

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He dumped a cup of ice into those swank imported drawers of his, removing individual cubes and sucking them erotically before flinging them at the crowd. The Iggy Pop who made his U. Here Iggy debuted the look he sports on the Raw Power LP cover: silvery pants, glam-inspired makeup and smudgy raccoon eyeliner. The spectacle made an impact on at least two of those audience members — John Lydon and Mick Jones would go on to form the Sex Pistols and the Clash respectively.

The murder of Tupac Shakur is a tragedy — but the why is not a complete mystery — The Undefeated

The plan was to win over Columbia's Clive Davis at a meeting in his office. As Iggy remembers it, Davis asked if he would sing Simon and Garfunkel. Iggy said no. Davis then asked if the singer would be more melodic. Again, no dice. Wanna hear?

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That, weirdly enough, sealed the deal for the proto-punk charmer. And, in perhaps his weirdest bit of stage theater, he grabbed the face of Geri Miller, one of Andy Warhol's superstars, and dragged her and her metal folding chair across the floor. At an Electric Circus show in New York the following year, recalling Iggy's prodigious vomiting skills, Miller goaded him: "Let's see you puke. Iggy Pop performs on stage in in New York. But the festival organizers hoped to keep Iggy in check.

He was forbidden from stage diving, with security placed onstage to keep him out of the crowd and a wooden fence erected between performers and patrons. Frustrated at these limitations, Iggy began chanting "Tear it down! The audience, likely looking for an excuse to go wild anyway, obeyed his commands, ripping wooden planks away to destroy the barrier. During the mayhem, bassist Dave Alexander, stoned and terrified, panicked and was unable to keep the beat.

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The songs fell apart and Iggy, furious, fired Alexander immediately after the show. In the most iconic photos of Iggy's early career, we see him standing shirtless with an enraptured audience at the Cincinnati Pop Festival holding him aloft. He'd entered that crowd via stage-dive — another Iggy innovation — and would soon somehow produce a jar of peanut butter, which he slathered on his chest and flung in gooey hunks at his admirers. Every door of every cabinet is swung wide open, and he has helped himself to a heaping bowl of Rice Krispies, only to discover the office is out of sugar.

Refusing to eat unsweetened cereal, Melly gives up on his side mission and heads back to the photo studio—but not before ribbing staff members about the unacceptable pantry.

His playful side is what initially drew the attention of Kanye West. For now, the world has been introduced to Melly and his alter ego, Melvin. It's going to be released, but I feel like I might make the world wait. I'll probably wait till next year to put that out. Both of the evenings I spend with Demons appear to be evenings spent with Melly. Fatigued from travel and long press days, he remains upbeat, and a smile rarely leaves his face. In middle school, I only had three outfits for, like, six months.

I had to switch them bitches up, though, so I had something for a whole week of school. He remembers keeping to himself in elementary school. I like it; I can see my face in it. The reason for the shooting was never publicly disclosed, but Demons was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of discharging a firearm in public.

Melly beat his fist against his chest to tap out a beat as he sang, and wrote the full song in his cell. I sang it every day. Upset with what he calls unfair and racist treatment from local police in his hometown, Melly relocated to Miami in early , but the violence followed: On October 26, , YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy were shot near a waste management plant on a quiet road in Miramar, Florida.

20 Wildest Iggy Pop Moments

The incident was believed to be a drive-by shooting. Police say Melly was not present that morning. A day after the shooting, Melly uploaded a photo of himself next to Sakchaser and Juvy on Instagram.