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A Judaica gift shop is her favorite place to browse. Religion-lite may be hypocritical, Ruth writes, but what we need to be worried about is religion-heavy. She still wears her s pendant trumpeting War is not healthy for children and other living things. Jewish Mother jokes, a sure-fire winner in a comedians arsenal, are stereotypical and exaggerated.

Linnea, Sharon Raoul Wallenberg; The Man Who Stopped Death Jewish Publication Society Thoroughly researched, this book relates the life story of the Swedish diplomat and his daring rescue of some , Jews in Hungary who had been destined for death in the concentration camps. H9 L H5 M Neimark, Anne E. Grade: BM B32 N This is the story of their life during those years of the Holocaust. J4 R Roberts, Jack L. Schuman, Michael Elie Wiesel: Voice From the Holocaust Enslow Publishers Taken forcibly from his home at 15, Wiesel survived to become an author, teacher, and humanitarian and a voice for the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust.

For his contributions to humanity he won the Nobel Prize. Grade: PQ I32 Z Her story is told here with grace and eloquence. P38 S Sender, Ruth Minsky To Life Macmillan Riva, liberated from a Nazi labor camp, begins a new life: looking for loved ones, finding a husband, starting a family, longing for true freedom in America — a dream that finally becomes reality. Grade: DS R95 S J4 A Amdur, Richard Anne Frank Chelsea House This biography of Anne Frank provides the matrix in which her well-known story was set: the rise of Nazism, the creation of the secret annex, the identities of those who surrounded her and helped on the outside, and her family.

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