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Had her father committed this crime? The notion that had seized her was too dreadful, too powerful, to allow room for any other problems.

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Lissa had never completely understood why her father had forced her to marry Peter, a man thirty years older than herself and with two grown sons to be his heirs. Had her husband been childless, the marriage would have made some kind of sense because Peter de Flael was a skilled and successful goldsmith and very rich. Then, had she conceived a child, his wealth would have been hers and her child's when he died, which could not be many years in the future in the natural course of events.

But with two young and healthy heirs already alive, the possession of Peter's wealth could not have been her father's purpose. Lissa could almost have believed her father had arranged the marriage out of sheer spite, to punish her for periodically demanding that he find her a husband who could be a good partner for her after he died. But her father had transferred to Peter's control a far greater dowry than Lissa had ever expected to bring a husband.

Of course, everything her father had would be hers eventually, since she was his only heir, but William Bowles was not the man to unloose his grasp on half a farthing while he was alive, much less the hundred marks he had paid over to Peter. It was all she could think of as she fled up the stairs and stood just inside the door of the solar with her arms crossed tightly over her breast, as if the grip could hold back her shudders of fear and revulsion. Peter had cheated William Bowles, and now Peter was dead.

Then Lissa closed her eyes and swallowed hard. I am a fool, just as young Peter said, she told herself firmly. She deliberately relaxed her arms, let her hands drop, and took a deep breath. Then she tried to fix her mind on what she must do next, but there was little to do. She could not even lay Peter out yet. Surely the alderman's officers would want to see him as he was when they found him.

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She had not heard anyone go out to inform the alderman of the evil that had befallen their household, but Lissa did not doubt that young Peter would by now have sent Edmond. She thought she had been too locked into her own private horror to notice, and the question of her father's involvement rose again, but she fixed her mind on what her sons-by-marriage should be doing and what they might forget.

Would Edmond have the sense to fetch a priest after he notified the alderman? But Peter was long dead. Would the priest be willing to shrive him? Would he be refused burial in consecrated ground if he was not shriven? Tears stung in Lissa's eyes. Poor Peter! Poor man, to come to such an end! No, she would not permit that.

If young Peter and Edmond would not do it, she would find a priest who would say he believed Peter had been shriven and who would allow burial in holy ground. She sobbed twice and then wiped her eyes. Lissa was sorry for Peter, grieved by the terrible death he had suffered, but she did not pretend to herself that she felt great sorrow at having lost him.

She had not wanted to marry him, and they had not been man and wife for long enough to build affection. What was more, she no longer believed Peter had loved her, as she had thought when she was first told of the marriage. In fact, by now she had not the faintest idea why he had married her, although she had assumed when her father had ordered the marriage that Peter had proposed it because he desired her.

And the box in which the necklet had been presented was almost as beautiful as the gift itself, all carved and inset with different perfumed woods. The gift had all but reconciled Lissa to the marriage, although she had had renewed doubts when she realized that Peter had added virtually nothing to the large dowry her father had provided. But at the wedding Lissa thought she had discovered the reason for that. It seemed that Peter had paid directly to her father what he should have added to her dowry. Lissa had been furious with William, but not with Peter, who had seemed willing to give up what he had the right to hold in trust for her and use himself until he died.

Because of Peter's seeming eagerness to have her, Lissa had thought that despite his age the marriage might be a good thing for her. It would be a pleasant change to live with a man who valued her. Her father had not. He had never forgiven her or her mother for the fact that she had been born a female. What would she do now that Peter was dead?

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She did not think she could stay in his house for more than a few days after his burial. Perhaps they believed she would try to turn their father against them, but they must have known that was impossible. During the month she and Peter had been away at his small estate near Canterbury, she had come to realize that Peter did not love her at all. She would have to go back to her father's house. Lissa found her hands were trembling and her whole body was ice cold. She discovered suddenly that she had not rid her mind of the fear that her father had done this dreadful thing.

But the idea was ridiculous. Her father could not have done it. Can also be burned for purificationWill warm hearts and help friendship. Greek Incense Acacia quality A Purification and removal of evil in the place of prayer, churches, houses, places of meditation. Will help for peace in the couple and families. Greek Abkhazian Greek Incense - quality B Purification and removal of evil in the place of prayer, churches, houses, places of meditation.

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To fight evil and help achieve what is impossible.

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    We make the candles directly to our company. Unlike her other historical romance series that I've read, this story focused more on the politics of the merchant and burgher classes in the events leading up to the Magna Carta rather than the nobility. I particularly found all of the details about guilds and women's rights in regards to property and money to be fascinating. I would say it's not my favorite of her work but still high in quality! Jun 08, Strangeattractor rated it liked it. A historical romance that has a subplot about the writing and signing of the Magna Carta, and the various political maneuverings that went on before it.

    There were a few things that annoyed me about it, but overall I liked it. I don't usually like romance books written before , because there is too much sexism, but this one was only mildly cringy.

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    And the Magna Carta stuff makes up for it. Jan 27, Lorena rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. This felt a little over-long, but the historical detail and feel were very good, as usual. Medieval, and lots of political and historical references, which may slow it down too much for some readers. This book has a cover and a description that makes you think it is a historical romance of the bodice-ripping type, instead it's a historical fiction obviously there's a love story in it too. In fact, it feels a bit like World Without End which also has a romance throughout the book, but I suppose since it was written by a guy it gets called historical fiction, while this one was written by a woman and thus must be a romance.

    Unlike World Without End, however, this book gets a bit bogged down This book has a cover and a description that makes you think it is a historical romance of the bodice-ripping type, instead it's a historical fiction obviously there's a love story in it too. Unlike World Without End, however, this book gets a bit bogged down by the politics and I find it a bit confusing.

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    Also, every other character is named FitzSomething which further confuses things. I'm sure the plethora of Fitz names must be historically accurate but it's just adding to the problem of keeping track of secondary characters and their subplots. At this point halfway I don't really understand why Lissa is so afraid of the consequences of marriage so I'm losing sympathy for her.

    Also, she's afraid said repercussions will lead her lover to start resenting her and then hating her, but surely making him miserable by having him sneak around in the dark and watch her being courted by others would lead to the same place. Thus, I'm starting to think maybe her lover should move along.

    Surely she should have just fixed up her husband's house and moved in there once Justin was no longer around for her protection. She had access to her dowry, she could have bought a slave for protection or hired someone. Dec 11, Melanie rated it it was amazing. Where was I for the past twenty-so years? The author clearly knows her craft and her research into this era has paid off as she paints us a picture of this long gone era filled with equal measure of merchants, barons and royalty of Medieval England.

    From the first page to the last, the author never fails in holding my attention while I slowly become embroiled into the intrigue and mystery of the very interesting and engaging plot, but what fascinates the most is this authors prose and historical detail which brings the Medieval Age to life. Gellis leaves nothing to chance and revels in her telling of this era and its inhabitants; its daily routine; its politics and the overall workings of the society our hero and heroine come from and belong to.

    It truly will take your breath away! ARC provided by NetGalley. A re-print of a release. It has treason,murder,romance,love,deception,betrayal,rebellion,and conspiracy. A fast paced story of intrigue,treason,passion,desire and betrayal that could change the history of England. A great read for anyone who enjoys suspense,intrigue,romance,Medieval England,historical events and love. Received for an honest review from Net Galley and the publisher. Sep 18, Gail rated it really liked it Shelves: e-book , library-book , adventure , historical-romance , medieval.

    This one is about the head of the London watch and a female apothecary and spice merchant in the time leading up to Runnymede and the signing of the Magna Carta. From the point of view of the merchants of London rather than the angry barons. I have always liked the way Gellis blends history with romance. Mar 29, Dana Darr rated it it was amazing Shelves: ex-libris , sensual , romantical. I wish that more authors would take their cue from Gellis. She creates a believable, compelling atmosphere and populates it with complex characters of unexpected depth.

    Her attention to research and detail places her work above any other genre author. Her fiction is as much an education as a recreational pleasure. Stay tuned for the review to be posted on Booked Up's goodreads account and the Blog. Shelves: historical-romance. For Historical Romance fans who like their history. I've read all of Roberta Gellis's books many times. This wasn't my favorite of her books but I still liked it.

    Dragged a little Free read from Kindle Unlimited.