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It helps if you know these things. In fact, I can imagine the scene exactly. And then, looking at me, think, Mila, my Mila. But certain traits make me wonder. Observing his daughter, one minute old, he thought first of the dog, Mila? My father and I are preparing for a journey to New York, to visit his oldest friend. But yesterday things changed.

But why now? My mother is puzzled.

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When he knew you were coming? The timing is. What about Mila? A few things I know: It is Easter holiday and I am out of school. My mother is working all week in Holland and I cannot stay at home alone. My father lives inside his head and it is better for him to have company when he travels, to keep him on track.

The tickets were bought two months ago. If there is something to notice, I will notice it first. My packing is nearly finished when Marieka comes to say that she and Gil have decided I should still go. I am already arranging clues in my head, thinking through the possibilities, looking for a theory. Without Matthew there would be no me.

For this, I would like to thank him, though I never really get the chance. I know very little about Mila the dog. She belonged to my grandfather when he was a boy growing up in Lancashire when dogs like Mila were kept for ratting not pets. I found a dusty old photo of her in an album my father kept from childhood. The person on the other side of the camera interests me greatly. Perhaps it is my grandfather, a boy who took enough pride in his ratting dog to keep a photo of her. Lots of people take pictures of their dogs now, but did they then?

The dog is looking straight ahead. This picture fills me with a deep sense of longing. Suadade , Gil would say. The longing for something loved and lost, something gone or unattainable. I cannot explain the feeling of sadness I have looking at this picture. Mila the dog has been dead for eighty years. Everyone calls my father Gil. No one knows where he went or why. We will take the train to the airport and it is important to remember our passports.

Marieka tells me to take good care of myself and kisses me. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. I am honored you have purchased one of my books.

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With every sentence I write, I try to put as much care and emotion into it as possible. These stories are my passion but also my job. This is how I help to support my family. I ask that you please not share this book or send it to your friends. Please understand that pirating books is equivalent to stealing.

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Good friends are hard to come by. Angela, you are one of them. I love you, girlie. The crowded Cajun restaurant grew louder the moment Sarah spied Evelyn, Julie, Melissa, and their newest friend, Natalie, walk in. For over a year now, the four of them, minus the new brunette, met here for lunch. It was the place where they could relax, be their crazy selves, and also the place where the game Bets came to life. The game itself blossomed into a whole new reason to look forward to the weekends.

All thanks to Evelyn. Out of pure boredom, her genius friend came up with a way to distract themselves until the hot guys came to the island for Spring Break. Now, weeks later, and with the holiday over, Evelyn was officially tied down with two men.

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  • Even though she had met the brunette on occasion, this technically was their first lunch altogether. At thirty-two, Sarah was the oldest out of all the girls. For some reason, age had recently started to become a major factor in her everyday thoughts. How did the sale go, honey? Hugging Evelyn, she smiled as they all sat down. The clients absolutely adored the house.

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    How was your day? Brandon and Stephen pretty much have you locked down as their love slave. Sarah turned to see the petite, blonde waitress standing next to her. What would you like to drink? They all watched the waitress leave, and, in sync, they all turned back to Evelyn.

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    I want to know what it is. She brushed her black hair back over her shoulder while she leaned forward. Now, for the fifty million dollar question. Who wants first dibs? Every hand at the table rose. To which one, Ayden or Trevor?