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Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history. About an hour. To find out more, visit www. An hour of historical reporting told by the people who were there. The old Western saloons offered their clientele various types of entertainment, including dancing girls, card games, dice games and even bowling. Some saloons even had piano players and theatrical skits for their costumers to enjoy. In the wild west, cowboys were so much more than mere animal herders. The term originated from the Spanish Vaquero , a livestock herder riding on horseback, and required skill and plenty of physical ability, developed from an early age.

About American Heritage

American cowboys were mostly white men, though quite a few African American freedmen, as well as Mexicans and American Indians, also worked as cowboys by the late s. The cowboy look, that has since become iconic, famously included a bandanna, leather gloves, chaps, boots, a sturdy pair of jeans and most importantly, a wide brimmed cowboy hat. Mining was a huge part of the Wild West — there were plenty of jobs in the field and lots of towns revolved solely around mining!

This mine here is a silver mine in Virginia City, Nevada. The city had two major mines: Savage and the Gould and Curry. The miner here is feet underground, and yet all he has for light is a burning magnesium wire. Can you believe that? Virginia City became a boomtown after the discovery of the silver deposits.

At its peak, the city boasted of 25, residents.

As of , only around people live in Virginia City. People in the West really were fearless! Back in the old West, saloons were a specific kind of bar that served a wide assortment of folks, including cowboys, fur trappers, soldiers, miners, and many more. The very first saloon ever was established in Wyoming in , but they quickly popped up all around the American Frontier!

By , these were one of the more popular establishments available to people in the West. Bartenders prided themselves on the appearance of their saloons, as well as their drink pouring abilities. Many of these saloons were used for gambling, prostitution and opium dens. This Lakota chief joined the crew when he was only 26 years old. Eventually, he married one of the American horse trainers in the crew… ah, stage romance! He also famously photographed many Civil War battlefields.


Kid was one of the most notorious gunfighters of the time, and is known for having killed at least 8 men at a very young age. Kid was eventually arrested and jailed, then died by gunshot of Sheriff Pat Garrett in an attempt to escape his jail cell. He was only 21! This photograph is by W. Illingworth once accompanied an expedition to the Montana Territory in the s and s, through the Black Hills of the Dakotas.

Plenty of notorious madams and prostitutes were considered fixtures of old Western towns, some were so popular and successful they became millionaires. These women came from all over the world, despite the harsh conditions they had to endure. These scarlet women had different, surprisingly poetic nicknames, depending on the region.

This incredibly happy looking group of men were the Wheeler Survey group. The expedition took place from to and led to the creation of topographic maps of the Southwest!

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Wyatt Earp was a good friend of Doc Holliday and had some very similar interests. He was also a proficient gambler in the Wild West, but had a working job as a deputy sheriff in Arizona!

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid () - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid () - User Reviews - IMDb

It seems like everyone at the time had the same job…. He gained his notorious reputation during a gunfight at the O. Corral in which he killed three cowboys. From then on he was known as a regarded shooter, especially in Tombstone, Arizona! He continuously clashed with cowboys until his death in Morgan Earp was married to Louisa Earp, though nobody knows how they met or got married.

The two lived in Montana for some time, then moved to California. When Morgan moved to Arizona, he left Louisa behind, expecting it to be a short trip, but the two would never meet again.

The print depicts the Navajoes at their home, an abandoned military post, back in the Old Wild West. The Navajoes themselves are known for being very intelligent and fierce, and are one of the most wealthy aboriginal tribes of the United States. In this photo, you can see the ears of corn that they cultivate and the looms for making blankets. Doc Holliday is another incredibly well known and dangerous gunfighter of the Wild West.

He was a good friend of Wyatt Earp and is well known for being a gambler, a gunfighter, and… a dentist! Say what? Holliday became a dentist when he was 20 years old, then when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, he became a gambler in Arizona. Why not, right? Old Mission Church in New Mexico is one of the earliest examples of a Spanish Colonial era mission, as it was established way back in !

The mission itself is relatively small, but complex. The Mission played a big role during the Pueblo Revolt and was inhabited by Franciscans for some time until Mexico gained independence from Spain.

Now, it marks a tourist attraction for Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico! All of these were nomadic tribes that hunted bison, and as a part of their lives on the great plains, they built the teepees that you see here! After her time in the Wild West shows, Goldie Griffith took her son to Nederland, Colorado where she raised him alone in a happy tight-knit family. During their time in Colorado, the family opened a number of restaurants and trained dogs.

One of his best-known photographs is this one, of Native Americans. There was nobody as talented as him! Keep reading to see even more incredible photographs. Just like his brother, Morgan Earp often spent his time in Tombstone, Arizona confronting outlaw cowboys. The Earps interfered so much that they all had targets on their heads! Those targets eventually got to Morgan Earp, who was killed by ambush. So refreshing! These waters are a part of the Pagosa Hot Springs in Colorado, which are still around today.

The Pagosa Hot Springs are renowned for their mineral waters, which supposedly could cure any ailments and rejuvenate any person — including this man! Nobody is sure who this specific buffalo soldier is, but his face will forever be remembered in history! Buffalo soldiers were the name given to the 10 th Cavalry of the United States Army between and The nickname, Buffalo soldier, was given to black soldiers by the Native Americans when the soldiers fought during the Indian Wars. The name has stuck ever since! John C. Grabill is another well-known photographer from the 19 th century!

He mostly worked out of the Dakota Territory, though he had a studio in Chicago as well. This photograph of his is of the infamous Deadwood Coach. The Deadwood Coach is perhaps the most historic and well-known stagecoach in existence! Can you imagine how many wonderful adventures this coach has seen?

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Photos of the Old Wild West That Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Storybook

This photograph, which is currently located in the Library of Congress, is from the largest surviving collection of John C. This particular photograph is an image of frontier life in Sturgis, South Dakota. Can you imagine living in a town like this? All of the Dakota Territory was full of prospectors, hunters, and cowboys, many of which used these teams of oxen. SHARE this article if you loved seeing all of these historic photos of the wild west!