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Sometimes, students find opportunities to participate in the university level or international speeches and debates and are also given the freedom to select their own topic to make persuasive speech. Here is a list of good persuasive topics for the university level students to choose from:. The way a persuasive speech is delivered matters most to achieve desired results. If the content of speech is very good but it is made in a very dull and boring manner then the audience start losing their interest in it and become sleepy.

But if the subject of speech is humorous then you need not only to prepare the matter thoroughly after careful research and reading but also need to deliver it in a style that is meticulous, natural and interesting.

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The aim of a humorous persuasive speech is to engage the listeners during the full speech in a fun and light way. If such a speech does not contain any real humor then it fails to achieve the desired purpose. The real purpose is to make people laugh not only through words but also through perfect and timely gestures and actions. Below are given few suggestions regarding choosing a humorous topic over a persuasive speech:.

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A policy persuasive speech is a kind of persuasive presentation that intends to cover the relevant areas of some public policy. The policy can be an existing one or the proposed one. The speaker has to make a speech either in support or against that specific policy with logical arguments highlighting its significance in society. When the audience gets to understand the issue and become interested in solving it then the speaker will propose a procedure to solve the issue effectively. Here we are presenting a list of policy persuasive topics for the you to select the one you like most. The Sports is one of the favorite topics and most renowned field to gather information about and prepare persuasive speeches.

Sport stars are also very popular in the public due to the wealth and glamor attached to this area. A few of the interesting topics to make sports persuasive speeches are listed below:. When you want to deliver a persuasive speech that will impress every single person listening to it then you are more concerned about picking up a creative topic to prepare one. Here are some creative ideas for preparing persuasive speech:.

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Many people think that the speeches and debates are long and will make them bore as the time passes by. But when there is a touch of fun or light element involved in the persuasive speeches, there is less room for the audience to lose their interest. Quoting funny examples and relevant scenarios at suitable intervals will keep the speech throughout alive and a source to bring smile on the face of listeners.

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A list of non-regular and funny persuasive speech topics are as follows:. Most of the times students and academicians find it easier to select a persuasive speech topic from the field of health due to the vast and in-depth information available about the health-related subjects. You should keep in view that the topic should not be a complex one so that general audience can easily understand the information and your point of view.

Here is a list of few general and simple health persuasive speech topics:. When you make up your mind to write and deliver your persuasive speech on some religious topic then make sure that you are well equipped with the basic information about that religion. For instance, if you decide to select some persuasive speech topic related to Christianity then you must consult the Bible — the ancient Holy Scripture around with Christian religion is built.

Following this tip would help you in taking out relevant extracts from Bible to support your speech or stance. Preparing material on Christian persuasive topics involves a good deal of hard work and time as the information delivered should be properly cited with exact references without any shadow of doubt. An organized list for Christian persuasive speech topics is as follows:.

Informative persuasive speech is regarded as one of the most common kind of method used for public-speaking, which is something not even exciting. The major aim of informative persuasive speech is to inform, educate and persuade a set of audience through the use of objective facts and argumentative reasoning. In order to deliver an informative persuasive speech effectively, you should look to choose a topic which will enable you to not only educate the desired listeners but also keep them engage during the whole debate.

Here we have listed a few informative persuasive speech topics for your ease to select from:. Sometimes, the topics selected to make persuasive speeches are informative and intend to educate people but people find them boring and dry. So, the debaters want to make a persuasive speech over a topic that should be out of a box and weird in an interesting way to keep audience interested throughout till the end.

We have composed a list of weird persuasive speech topics for you to choose from when you search for a weird topic to deliver your arguments over, which is as follows:.

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If you are looking to make a persuasive speech over a topic that will attract the audience to attentively listen to your points and argumentations then do not go for selecting any ordinary topic. People do not like the dull and boring ideas and are more likely to attend to crazy, hilarious and unbelievable. Here we have arranged a list of crazy persuasive speech topics for you to get your next speech prepared over one of these:.

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Students find it exciting to deliver a persuasive speech during their high school years. The first thing to remember is to select a topic that you are very much informed about and have a lot of interest to conduct a thorough research over it. Preparing a speech with appropriate logic and arguments, students are more likely to be successful in persuading the listeners to think through the ideas and things in their way. A list of the possible ideas to make a good persuasive speech by high school students is as follows:.

In schools, the speech competitions aim to improve the speaking, leadership and social skills in students through active participation in such competitions. Hearing a speech over the same topic repeatedly makes the audience bore and lose interest in it. Description Gentle Persuasion is an encouraging appeal to Christians of all ages and abilities to become part of God's strategy.

User reviews LibraryThing member BethanyBible. When it comes to evangelism, do you ever feel like a sheep among wolves? You know the gospel message should get out, but frankly, you're in no hurry to become supper for some hungry wolf pack.


You've been chewed on once too often; let the "professionals" do it. For everyone who has felt that way, Joe Aldrich has good news: God wants to make you into an "attack lamb. It's touching people in ways appropriate to your own giftedness so that Christ becomes the issue. God isn't asking you to back an unbeliever into a corner to mash mental machinery.

He's not calling you to back-up the evangelical dump truck and pull the lever. He is calling you to action. Gentle Persuasion is an encouraging appeal for Christians of all ages and abilities to become part of God's strategy for bringing needy men and women to Christ. Subjects Evangelistic work. Witness bearing Christianity.