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The flip side of people pleasing is resentment and hostility. Compliments slid off of me like a Teflon frying pan. In order to keep up the pleasant, people-pleasing front, the bitterness I felt got buried until it erupted in angry outbursts or came out passive aggressively. Click To Tweet. The Dalai Lama had this to say about taking care of your own needs, which he calls being wise selfish:.

Being wise selfish means taking a broader view and recognizing that our own long-term individual interest lies in the welfare of everyone. Being wise selfish means being compassionate. The brain injury taught me how to make myself a priority because I absolutely had to in order to recover. In every situation, there is always a caring way to respond considering what is being asked of me while factoring in my own needs, happiness, and wisdom from my head, heart, and gut.

Debbie, I have been there and I have done exactly as you have done. I was advised to read the Angry Book. It is okay to get express angry instead of holding everything inside of yourself by doing this you will develop symptoms of depression. Debbie thanks for being you and sharing your articles. Bonnie, thank you for your kind words. I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. When I started healing, changing my ways, and finally expressing all the emotion that had been pent up for decades, a flood of emotion came rushing forth like a dam had broke.

I did the ugly cry, I mean snot pouring, shoulders heaving, cant-catch-your-breath sobbing on and off for months intermingled with fits of pillow pummeling and screaming at the top of my lungs. But the funny thing was, it was the healthiest thing I had done in a looong time! Debbie, With me after years of being the good mother, the good wife, the good daughter, good sister to a brother and a sister and care taker to all who needed me never saying no always saying.

No bad word came from my mouth even though I wanted to scream no more please. In other words I was codependant a full fledge people pleaser. When I finally released all the emotions and words that I never dared to speak, I felt like a volcano violently explosion everything just came spurring out of me. What a great feeling it was to release all that been stored for so many years. I am not the good girl anymore nor am I a bad girl I am happy wonderful woman.

Bonnie, I can totally relate. I know, at first, it shocked everyone. Like you, I am not the selfish girl either. Thanks for your article Debbie, can you recommend some readings to help changing our codependent patterns of behavior? I found just learning about relationships and love, for me, helpful.

Hope you find a book that speaks to you. This is a great article Debbie. I can definitely relate to the people pleasing and anger. I have brought myself to say yes to everyone in my life. I feel as if no one respects me and that i just do as others say, ive become very anxious, depressed, and angry. Ive been working on saying no, but it can be hard when im constantly thinking of how people will think of me or what the outcomes will be.

I definitely need to build my self esteem up and learn to just say no. Joanna, thank you for you comment. The uncomfortableness was mostly created completely by me in anticipating their reaction or displeasure and was just flat out wrong or over exagerrated, in my mind. Oh, and it does get easier the more you do it. So, keep at it! This comes at a good time for me…I needed this.

None of them expect it from me. I big bold, capital I expect it of me. Now to figure out how to fix this. Sara, I applaude you for recognizing what is going on. I will tell you something that profoundly changed my thinking about this early on in my journey. Someone asked me if I considered myself a compassionate person. Why, of course, I did. I was the biggest bleeding heart around and always the first to help out…BUT… did I extend this same compassion an generosity to myself? Uh, no! That realization was HUGE for me. It is the only road to peace and happiness.

Be wise selfish. You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

BBC - Ethics - Euthanasia: Anti-euthanasia arguments

Blessings to you. You can change this! Hi Debbie, My problem is a bit complicated perhaps. I have found that i am a people pleaser a few days back and that i get attracted to dependent people and to people who get pleased and appreciate what others do, and i try to do the same, that is, to please them so that i can get appreciation. What to do. You have to do what you did before you fell back into the people-pleasing habit. You have to learn to set and keep boundaries and to put your needs first. I would encourage you to start practicing thought reframing and affirmations to help you become aware of the beliefs and needs motivating your behavior and to be able to start changing it.

I offer coaching both email and video if you are interested. Pingback: Happy food :- - H eerlijk eten en leven. I find it incredibly difficult to not aim to please others and I would gladly sacrifice my own happiness for someone else. You are doing great to realize this as a teenager. I was in my 40s. Awareness is the first step to changing things.

Give some thought into why you think you do this. Then when you find yourself in a situation where you might be people-pleasing to your own detriment, speak up, insert your true voice, and make a change. All the best to you. Three kids who I adore and have no choice but let them be raised like me but hopefully not as bad.

Personal relationship wise I have had 3 serious relationship and all go bad so far for who I am and my choices. My immature adoptive mother gets in by treating my other half bad cause what she see and knows way I am treated. My adoptive mother stold my title mom. Their my help and I have no family. I have make everyone happy and have to keep them around cause they have no where go. I honestly believe that the day I will start living is when the Good lord call my mom and biological mother.

All have my kids but I will not make them feel obligated as for I know how feels once your older. We got find ourselves and make yourself happy in order be strong positive and content with life. Bjn, I empathize with your situation and applaud your determination. I would encourage you to start living now. Nothing has to change, but your mindset and your decsions about how you move forward in your life. I would also encourage you to focus and act on the good that is present in your life and ut your energy there.

I can completely relate to you minus the way in which you developed your revelations but thank you for sharing yours with us Best Joshua farlow. I have dealt with these exact feelings my entire life. I am divorced with 2 Children. It feels to me incredibly selfish to put any of my wants or desires in front of those of the people I love. I so wish I could change! This is the very first time I have read anything that so closely resembles my existence.

My happiness has forever been sacrificed for the happiness of others.

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It has left me resentful and bitter. Exactly who I hoped never to become. How do change who I am without alienating or losing the people I love in my life? I feel like this has been such a part of my persona that to change now would be devastating to the people I care about. I want to feel better about myself! I want to be a better father, lover, etc.

Tim Ferriss Interview: How to Overcome Fear, Practice Self Love & Build a Writing Routine

How can I do that when my entire life feels like its been devoted to selflessness, and now I must put myself first? So confused! I can SO relate. You matter to the last moment of your life and we will do all we can to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.

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The key to successful palliative care is to treat the patient as a person, not as a set of symptoms, or medical problems. The World Health Organisation states that palliative care affirms life and regards dying as a normal process; it neither hastens nor postpones death; it provides relief from pain and suffering; it integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient.

The patient's family and friends will need care too. Palliative care aims to enhance the quality of life for the family as well as the patient. Effective palliative care gives the patient and their loved ones a chance to spend quality time together, with as much distress removed as possible. They can if they want to use this time to bring any unfinished business in their lives to a proper closure and to say their last goodbyes. Palliative care should aim to make it easier and more attractive for family and friends to visit the dying person. A survey USA showed that terminally ill patients actually spent the vast majority of their time on their own, with few visits from medical personnel or family members.

Spiritual care may be important even for non-religious people. Spiritual care should be interpreted in a very wide sense, since patients and families facing death often want to search for the meaning of their lives in their own way. Good palliative care is the alternative to euthanasia. If it was available to every patient, it would certainly reduce the desire for death to be brought about sooner. But providing palliative care can be very hard work, both physically and psychologically.

Ending a patient's life by injection is quicker and easier and cheaper. This may tempt people away from palliative care. Some fear that the introduction of euthanasia will reduce the availability of palliative care in the community, because health systems will want to choose the most cost effective ways of dealing with dying patients. Medical decision-makers already face difficult moral dilemmas in choosing between competing demands for their limited funds. So making euthanasia easier could exacerbate the slippery slope, pushing people towards euthanasia who may not otherwise choose it.

There should be no law or morality that would limit a clinical team or doctor from administering the frequent dosages of pain medication that are necessary to free people's minds from pain that shrivels the spirit and leaves no time for speaking when, at times, there are very few hours or days left for such communication. Euthanasia opponents don't believe that it is possible to create a regulatory system for euthanasia that will prevent the abuse of euthanasia.

This argument often appears as 'doctors should not be allowed to play God'. Since God arguments are of no interest to people without faith, it's presented here with the God bit removed. Since doctors give patients the information on which they will base their decisions about euthanasia, any legalisation of euthanasia, no matter how strictly regulated , puts doctors in an unacceptable position of power.

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This is another of those arguments that says that euthanasia should not be allowed because it will be abused. The fear is that if euthanasia is allowed, vulnerable people will be put under pressure to end their lives. It would be difficult, and possibly impossible, to stop people using persuasion or coercion to get people to request euthanasia when they don't really want it. I have seen. AIDS patients who have been totally abandoned by their parents, brothers and sisters and by their lovers. In a state of total isolation, cut off from every source of life and affection, they would see death as the only liberation open to them.

In those circumstances, subtle pressure could bring people to request immediate, rapid, painless death, when what they want is close and powerful support and love. People who are ill and dependent can often feel worthless and an undue burden on those who love and care for them. They may actually be a burden, but those who love them may be happy to bear that burden. Nonetheless, if euthanasia is available, the sick person may pressure themselves into asking for euthanasia. Family or others involved with the sick person may regard them as a burden that they don't wish to carry, and may put pressure which may be very subtle on the sick person to ask for euthanasia.

Increasing numbers of examples of the abuse or neglect of elderly people by their families makes this an important issue to consider. The last few months of a patient's life are often the most expensive in terms of medical and other care. Shortening this period through euthanasia could be seen as a way of relieving pressure on scarce medical resources, or family finances. Some people argue that refusing patients drugs because they are too expensive is a form of euthanasia, and that while this produces public anger at present, legal euthanasia provides a less obvious solution to drug costs.

If there was 'ageism' in health services, and certain types of care were denied to those over a certain age, euthanasia could be seen as a logical extension of this practice. Search term:.

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Find out more about page archiving. Ethics guide. Anti-euthanasia arguments. On this page Overview of arguments against euthanasia Against the will of God Sanctity of life The slippery slope Devalues some lives Patient's best interests Proper palliative care Fears about regulation It gives doctors too much power Pressure on the vulnerable Page options Print this page. History Courage Need Cannot. There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry.

Matt Lauer. I Am People Sorry Regret. Because God gave you your makeup and superintended every moment of your past, including all the hardship, pain, and struggles, He wants to use your words in a unique manner. No one else can speak through your vocal cords, and, equally important, no one else has your story. Charles R. God Moment You Past. Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone. Paul Tillich. Loneliness Alone Being Alone Solitude.

The tragedy of life is in what dies inside a man while he lives - the death of genuine feeling, the death of inspired response, the awareness that makes it possible to feel the pain or the glory of other men in yourself.

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Norman Cousins. Life Sad Death Yourself. Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom. Life Love Wisdom Heart. It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. Julius Caesar. Patience Men Die Will. The game of basketball has been everything to me. My place of refuge, place I've always gone where I needed comfort and peace.

It's been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. It's a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game. Michael Jordan. Love Relationship Sports Peace. One day I looked at something in myself that I had been avoiding because it was too painful. Yet once I did, I had an unexpected surprise. Rather than self-hatred, I was flooded with compassion for myself because I realized the pain necessary to develop that coping mechanism to begin with.

Marianne Williamson. Myself Day Surprise Compassion. It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don't agree. The wounds remain. Time - the mind, protecting its sanity - covers them with some scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone. Rose Kennedy. Time Mind Never Said. I have lived pain, and my life can tell: I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks the heavy perfume of wild roses in early July and the song of crickets on summer humid nights and the rivers that run and the stars that rise and the rain that falls and all the good things that a good God gives.

Ann Voskamp. Life Nature Good Rain.