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Where was the perfect blue Jerusalem sky that hovers over the Kotel, also known as the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, the holiest place in Judaism? Where were the billowing white clouds against the lighter blue skies in the rest of Israel?

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This was not like the brownish gray overcast smog that settles over Los Angeles. This was not like the reddish orange skies after a fire. This was a supernatural, unearthly yellow sky that enveloped Israel yesterday.


By today, the yellow had turned white, like a thick fog choking the Land of Milk and Honey and those of us trying to breathe normally. This smoky, sandy, dusty sky was not cloud cover.

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Sandstorms are not unusual in parts of the Middle East, but the intensity of this one is rare, and usually does not occur this time of year. The temperature was almost and the humidity nearly 80 percent. Yellow skies usually mean thunderstorms. Not here.

Visibility was reduced to less than a half-mile. It is important to keep in mind that it does not cost anything to the production company or the broadcaster to file a cue sheet! The payment that is made to the composer and publisher is taken from an annual blanket licenses paid by the broadcasting companies to performance rights organizations. These annual license fees will be exactly the same whether cue sheets are filed or not.

CUE Concert

The Cue Sheet only ensures correct distribution of these annual fees to the actual composers and publishers who created the music used in the broadcasts. On top of this the use of a Cue Sheet may become a very important source of revenue to the Production Company. In fact it is not uncommon for the production company to negotiate that it will retain the publishing interests of the underscore in the composer's agreement.

This is particularly common when a composer is hired to create a custom made score for a Feature Film or TV series. The Production Company will have to establish a publishing company to receive performance royalties which often generate very large profits.

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  6. Performance Rights Organizations in every country process thousands of cue sheets every year and distribute billions of dollars in royalties. This is a list of Performance Rights Organizations across the world and a links to their websites where you can further your research on how cue sheets are used to identify and pay performance royalties to composers and publishers:.

    Australia APRA. Austria AKM. Bulgaria Musicautor. Chile SCD. Croatia HDS.

    Peter Shannon and the Savannah Philharmonic open a new season

    Czech Republic OSA. Denmark KODA.

    Germany GEMA. Greece AEPI. Hungary Artisjus. Iceland STEF. India IPRS.

    CUE Blockbuster (Orchestral Drama) | Upright Music Search

    Ireland IMRO. Israel ACUM. Italy SIAE. Malaysia MACP. Mexico SACM.

    A young South African symphony takes its cue from the Minnesota Orchestra

    Netherlands BUMA. Norway TONO. Portugal SPA. Russia RAO.