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Via Dolorosa Faber Plays - Used. Your email address has been submitted - we'll be in touch. Bang Out of Order! The Crucible. Description "My whole life, it's been assumed, Western civilisation is an old bitch gone in the teeth. Back To Top. Country of delivery:. I had made a scale model of the set and the chair, and invited everyone to see it.

CB: It is to show Newton in all his complexity. To tell his story, from his point of view. I want the audience to leave talking about Newton. Drama generates interest and enthusiasm for a subject.

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It allows ideas and emotions to brush up close, helping us feel a little of what it must have been like to be Newton. A minute show performed by a single actor can be as much a marathon for the audience as for the performer but Gin Hammond makes it all seem so easy. Her depiction of growing up in South Africa across two decades is as effortless as it is enchanting. The central role is Lizzie Grace, who is six years old in the first time we meet her.

Through sleight of hand, conversations with herself, dance and song, Hammond shows enviable confidence in juggling the 24 characters that include wise nanny Salamina, a Jewish doctor and bigoted Afrikaner neighbours. Languages such as Xhosa and Afrikaans feature, adding a further layer of rich realism. To see a video click here.

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Reviewed by Nick Awde for Pleasance Courtyard. Hotbed took place on Saturday July 8th at Cambridge Junction. Hotbed has come and gone in a blaze of new writing energy. Thank you to all the artists, audiences and supporters who made it such an exciting and wide-ranging festival.

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For full show details, click on the links below:. The Docs are those who sit as thought leaders in their field academic, scientific, political. These are semi-staged performances presenting the early drafts of exciting ideas. They may be script-in-hand or learned: all exciting and raw. We are still accepting entries for our One Page Play Competition. Selected plays will be performed at the Hotbed Festival. If you are 16 and over you can enter the adult competition.

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We also have a young writers category for those aged 15 years and under. One Page Play Guidelines One Page Plays Guidelines — 15 and under. Ed Harris Ed is an award-winning playwright, radio dramatist and poet.

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Janice Okoh Janice is an award winning playwright. Esther Shannon Esther trained as an actress, dancer and scientist as well as a writer. Would you call that a negative belief? Caroline Rippin Having trained as an actor Caroline has expanded her performance skills over the last nine years and become a successful stage and screen puppeteer.

For everyone aged 8 and over Sat 28 — Just 10 tickets per performance!

Sat 28 — 3. Kit Lambert Kit Lambert is an award winning writer for theatre and television. Interview with Kit What was the inspiration behind your play? What is your greatest ambition? To run the London Marathon whilst reciting the whole of Hamlet from memory. Who is your favourite writer s? When was the last time you laughed out loud and why?

Yesterday, when my wife put my six month old son in a particularly silly Christmas hat. Menagerie are on Twitter! Craig, Patrick, Issam, how did the project and your involvement in it come about? What do you find most interesting about the story of Newton? What themes do you think are most important in Let Newton Be!? Because of my interest in lights and optics, I conducted some experiments with light, testing different possible ways of using them on stage.

Can you tell us a little about how you all worked together?

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Craig came up with the brilliant conceit of having three Newtons, all on stage together. Patrick, what do you think are the challenges in directing Let Newton Be? And how would you describe your style of work? Craig, how do you go about writing a stage play? And what about for Let Newton Be! The doctoral study seeks to do this through practice, research and practice as research. I devised three performances - The Trilogy Their non-linearity is relevant to the line of investigation I took into the role of the dramaturg today, both inviting and playing the role.

The practice as research applies different theoretical models of how a dramaturg operates to a body of theatre work that interrogates the role from different perspectives. The practice asks how dramaturgy might function with or without a dramaturg as an agent for critical feedback or meaning-making by exploring other models such as embedded criticism, work-in-progresses and post-show discussions. The project is concerned with making visible the textual trace of dramaturgy within the work.

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